Friday, April 10, 2009

The curious case of Mr. Bo Thak Chek....

... how did he manage to survive in Singapore, i dont know.... read on the following emails exchange:

1st email from Mr TK aka Bo Thak Chek's partner:

From: XYZ Logistics []
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 3:35 PM
To:; Finger
Cc:Mr. S; Big Boss; XYZ Logistics
Subject: top urgent !!!
Importance: High

Dear Big Cow,

Can u kindly quote me for 3ton truck from pakgkor/perak to sin,commodity ikan bilis...urgent..

Best Rgds
Mr. TK

TEL : 6266xxxx FAX : 6266xxxx
HP : 9880xxxx
Email :

My reply to Mr. TK:

From: Big Cow
To: 'XYZ Logistics' ; Finger
Cc: 'Mr.S' ; Big Boss'
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 3:35 PM
Subject: RE: top urgent !!!

Hi TK,

As spoken, we will pick up the goods from Pangkor to KUL and then LCL the goods down to SG. As such, kindly please provide the dimensions, weight and quantity of the shipment in order for us to quote further. Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Big Cow

Mr Bo Thak Chek's email:

Big cow,
doesn't require this bullshit to quote for the 3ton,just quote me for 3ton truck from pagkor/perak to sin and i need this very urgent.

Bo Thak Chek
cc: copy in reading to big boss

TEL : 6266xxxx FAX : 6266xxxx
HP : 9880xxxx
Email :

lemme briefly explain to you a few things. 1st, we do not have 3tonnes chartered truck to Singapore, our trucks are all 10 and 20 tonnes trucks. we have 2 type of services to Singapore, FCL (chartered - 'pao' the whole truck) and LCL (consolidation - mixed cargoes). Our quotations are all based on M3 (lenght x weight x height of the carton) and if dimension are not able to dapat, we have formula of 1M3 = xxxKGs. So anyway, any normal logical person would know that we need the information like how heavy, dimension, and quantities in order for us to quote mah, if not, quote what? Anyway, what happen is, i have not reply this Mr Bo Thak Chek's email. i think he is too stupid to waste my time on :P and i told Big Boss and Lady Boss about it. They also say sit on it for awhile, let him bug a few times only quote him the highest value possible, for example, we have a few formulas in 1m3 = xxxKGS, i will treat this as 10M3 and quote according to 10M3 price (in thousands) but of coz politely tell him it's based on 3tonnes goods la :D

revenge is sweet and nice when served politely :D

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