Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend was... erm... damn unproductive... :P if u count being a spot light productive, then i guess it is damn productive :P

welp, finish work at around 2ish and balik rumah to catch up with the drama that i m currently chasing (it's so great to finally watch dvds with color :P), then around 7ish, whilst dying from hunger coz small cow was busy rolling around her house, she came over and we went to pick up medium cow (erm... he hates the title i think :P) and we went to makan this steamboat thingie at sunway. towards the end of the dinner, it rained... and we gotta stop (yep, makan open air) and i tried my luck to get discount, but tak dapat :P. they dropped me off to watch slumdog millionaire and i went home to continue with my drama :) then around 1ish 2, they came over to pick me up. asking me where i wanna go. i also dunno. medium cow was moody then. erm... he is having a chasing amy situation. so anyway, after yumcharing awhile, he ok alre... we sat at pan bakery till closing at 4am (i always thought they are open 24hrs) then we didnt know where to go. so we went ronda-ronda. a few places were suggested (read: i suggested), bagan lalang, port dickson, kluang, melaka... etc etc... but we ended up in putrajaya with me being a... erm... faulty gps system..... and they were laughing at me the whole time =.=" but medium cow also cracks us up la... he speaks damn softly... always like whispering and we kept on "HAR?"-ing. until he fed up and started to shout the whole way and that also still make us "HAR?". oh... me = faulty gps... we were in putrajaya and i wanted to pee badly... and i only know the nearest petronas there is the one in cyberjaya.... and i gave direction like: "go straight - i think" or "turn left i think" or "yea yea! correct already! go i think so la" :P led small cow to some god forsaken place a coupla times before we finally made our ways to cyberjaya :P after that, we went to solaris - me suaku, never been before so i wanna see :P then after that i was damn fucking tired alre.... i fell asleep in the car until small cow brought be home - i am that tired... since i seldom sleep in the car one.. :P

faulty gps: damn bad for my ego... but i couldnt care less... :P

drama: corner with love - i know damn old liao.... but i dont care. nice :D i cried and cried and laughed and laughed :P

i m still planning the might never happen punya wedding :D

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