Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i wanna bitch about someone in my office. she is a bitch, a bitch with such bad breath that whenever she opens her mouth flies will die. not only that, she has this really really really lebat air pits hair which she is proud of. how i know she is proud of? well, she is always wearing sleeveless clothes and always airing her arm pits! and recently, i noticed something too... she fucking has long beard below her chin! not 1 strand, not 2 strands, but a forest full of it! so what has she done to invoke my displeasure to make me bitch about her? 1. i m pms-ing (i think), 2. she is a fucking spy, always pretending to me close to me but bitch about me (whether infront of me or behind my back) whenever she has a chance.


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