Monday, March 30, 2009

BBQ in the dark....

..... not for long...

So we all decided to support Earth Hour during our BBQ party at the office the other nite (so oxymoron, right? bbq? support Earth Hour? :P). Left office at around 1ish to go home and sleep, but end up watch Meteor Gardens (again!) - i needed to cry coz i m missing him so badly! Then suddenly i received an sms from Minger that she is on the way to Bali! life is so not fair! anyway, cried even more. told small cow what was in my imagination and small cow almost "arrrr bish" me. So anyway, went back to office at around 6ish in a fucking bad mood. things were a little kelam kabut. the party supose to start at 6.30pm but the Fried BeeHoon and Fried Rice came much later. Boss made this fucking yummilicious cocktail that i drank and drank and drank and got tipsy *hics* (i needed that ok? but thank god i was still in control and didnt make a fool out of myself la :P) erm... what else? oh oh oh... so i was eating my food and i kept asking everyone, eh! 8.30 alre or not? highly anticipating total darkness since Selangor Govt supports Earth Hour mah.... and then wham! earth hour begins! and the fucking street lights are still on! so we continue to talk, eat and drink in the flickering lights from the tealight candles. and i got mightily hot. 45mins towards the Earth Hour, Big Boss, being high, shouted in cantonese (in joking way): "Oi! turn on the fucking lights la! we contributed enough! i am so damn fucking hot! if i know i will be suffering, i will not even bother with this Earth Hour!"

Big Cow: But boss! 15mins more!
Big Boss: I dont care!
Big Cow: but boss! you were the one sending out the email! :P
Big Boss: I didnt know i will suffer so much!
Big Cow: But boss! what happened to our major carbon footprint that we left behind? what happen to listening to the crackling sounds of the charcoal??
Lady Boss: yalor! i also never knew he so poetic
Big Boss *laughing sheepishly*: i dont care! i am the boss and there is no star to gaze anyway!

and so, boss won. we turn on the lights 15mins before Earth Hour ends.

Anyway, we drank damn alot. Laughed damn alot. but somehow, i still feel like i m an outsider in this whole group of people. i just dont feel like i belong there at all...

Anyway, Finger posted the pictures in the server. Lemme show u 2 of them :P

Click to see larger

Honestly speaking, only the jagung taste good :P The chicken marinator was telling us how great her chicken gonna taste, but i didnt like it at all :P i think i can do better than that :P

So yea... went home at around 2ish, whole body aching. anyway, called small cow on the way back to chat and we ended up making plans to meet the next day...

Sunday, woke up ard 1ish, watch Meteor Garden, slept back ard 4ish. Small cow called me at 6.30pm and i knew i was late :P Still need to put on make up somemore (yea, it was a make up day yesterday). by the time we reached the curve, we didnt have time to shop. we ended up picking the tickets to The International and then rush over to Kenny Roger's (small cow wants to makan mac and cheese) to have a sort of rushed dinner and then rushed to watch the movie. so different from what we have planned :P After the movie, we decided to go to Tengkat Tongshin to find uncle. But as usual, uncle is not open. so we went to Mun Wah to eat... we used to love their food there... but... omg... it was so damn fucking disgusting, that we didnt even finish the food (bear in mind, we had wastage, so no matter how not nice the food is, we will still finish it one...)! that says alot wei! went home almost puked. yea, that horrible.

anyway, dad is coming back tomorrow. meaning to say i have to return the car to him alre... :(

i m still missing MF like fuck. but i am trying not to. but i am... :( here's the current song in my head:

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