Friday, February 13, 2009

this is getting more and more like bitch about work blog.

so shit happened. the shit hit the ceiling fan and got splattered all over. sometimes i really wonder if the people here have brains at all. what happened? welp, Mr. S shat and smear it all over us. There is this bad payer customer who requested us to pick up some stuffs and send it to Singapore. And since they have never given us the black & white that they accepted our quotation, we decided to push for them to accept la. and we were given strict instructions from lady boss that we shall not proceed with this job until we get a written confirmation from them that they agree with our quotation. Mr. S decided to go ahead and pick it up. in his defense, he needed the goods to bring down to SG coz he cannot go down with an empty truck, which is not cost effective. when i found out yesterday, i asked him, why pick it up when they have not confirmed? what if they decided they dont wanna pay? wont it be a trip and space wasted that we have to send it back to them? who will bear the cost? and he got pissed coz i questioned his work. so i told lady boss about it. she questioned him too. but he kept on changing subject and lady boss did not pursue further and neither did i. as far as i m concerned, i am gonna wash hands. this morning, we received this email from lady boss:

Dear Big Cow,

Since cargo already picked up from XYZ yesterday afternoon (which I still don’t understand why we picked up before getting rates confirmation) we actually have no choice but to agree to collect payment from consignee. There is no time/leeway for negotiations anymore.

Please get Operations to provide CBM of goods (I hope that goods are measured after we’ve picked up) and get Finance to prepare invoice & GST in SGD. Please ensure driver collects payment before goods are released. Please make this very clear to our driver. And also please inform driver that labour is not included in unloading the 160 cartons.

Please send invoice/cash sales to consignee and get them to prepare cheque immediately.

Dear Mr. S,

I understand you’ve picked up the cargo from XYZ yesterday afternoon. Why did you proceed with pick-up when XYZ has not given us any confirmation on the trucking rates? Wasn’t it clear when I told you to arrange shpt Only AFTER XYZ has confirmed our rates?? What was your rush to pick up the goods? After all, the customer requested for pick-up on 16/02. Even if you wanted to pick up early (I believe you wanted to maximize yesterday’s truckload), you still had to ensure that XYZ has accepted our quotation.

I still remember clearly when you first received Ah Lian's email for pick-up request, you even warned me about XYZ being a bad account for dragging old payments. That was when I told you we don’t have formal LCL quotation to XYZ and that I will advise Ah Lian our rates for her confirmation before we arrange anything.

Please observe our company procedures. In bad economic times, we have to be very careful about collection, especially when you are already aware that XYZ have earlier informed us to collect payment directly from cnee, yet you proceed to pick-up cargo, despite my warning and despite the complication of payment in this case!

Which brings me to another issue. I’ve told you endless times to let Big Cow handle communication with customers. That’s her function, not your function anymore. Should she face any problems, she will refer to you for advise. You being the most senior here, will of course understand some of our customers peculiarities and you are to share your knowledge and experience with Big Cow, but not take over her job. How is she expected to learn when each time an issue crops up, you just take over completely without even informing her?

I appreciate your over-enthusiasm in handling our customers, but everyone in this Company has their own functions and there’s a reason for it. So, please observe Company priorities and please concentrate on the areas that Big Boss has spoken to you endless times, cost cutting, negotiation of rates from 3rd party transporters, follow-up with 3rd party transporters for any cargo that we can carry, drivers discipline, monitoring driver’s performance, smooth shipment deliveries, warehousing, etc. You already have a lot of things on your plate to concentrate on, without taking over Big Cow’s function too.

Warmest Regards,

Lady Boss

when i saw the email, i got worked up again coz Mr. S refused to acknowledged the problem, and then shouted at me, so wat's the big deal now?? i will chase for the payment! you dont have to do anything! which really pisses me off la... so i fed up and sms lady boss: I m not going to touch XYZ thing, if it's ok with u, coz Mr. S said he wants to take full responsibility and also ask me what is the big deal when i sounded him just now. and she replied: Reply my email wt dear mr s, as per you told me just now, u will takeover the handling of tis shpt & dat i need not b involved, pls ensure payment is collected b4 release of cargo. Trust u will handle tis shpt wt care. yea... and i did that... and he got even more pissed. saying that i let him down and that i betrayed him. oh just fuck off la!

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