Monday, February 2, 2009

my taiku...

... is very cute :D you see, i was suppose to help her type an official letter coz i have all the details, but i warned her la my english not that good coz...erm... dunno la... weird weird one... then she say it's ok, she will change the grammar if got mistake (her english damn good one). anyway, i dapat an email from her today:

Hi Jess,
Got your emails. You were right, couldn't open the first one.
Anyway 2nd one ok, printed already, now waiting to pass on to your dad.
Once again, many thanks. Looks like you will be our Ang rep for MOAR communication!
By the way, your England is purrfect! Would award you an A1 if I were your England teeche...
Enjoy the rest of the CNY!!

=.=" i so dont want to be the rep for the Ang clan for the MOAR (mother of all reunions). no, dont want... dont know those people also.. damn weird writing mass emails to people whom i dont know :P

MOAR - it is basically a reunion for the descendant of my greatgrandfather (my popo's father). and so far there are about 350++ descendants around the world. and some of the uncles decided to have this reunion in 2010. there have been emails flying left and right about this reunion and at this point of time, i m still not sure if i am attending or not :P see how it goes la...

on another note, i am still sick :(

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