Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i know i know, i havent been updating as much as i should... but the thing is hor... i was too caught up with life to actually come in here to update :x

- minger and finger - go? no go? i dunno. finger seems mightily QUIETLY interested. minger seems bored. what happened that day? i would say it was pretty disastrous. :x we went for the typical double date (ended up triple date) thingie. 1st the movie, then the shopping, then dinner, then drinking. sure, there were plenty of words flying around, plenty of laugh.... BUT not between minger and finger. THEY.JUST.DONT.FUCKING.TALK.TO.EACH.OTHER!!! even when we give them opportunity (like made minger sit in finger's car to the curve whilst i sat in Mr. S' car) nope. nada. zilch. he did opened his mouth la, but to ask : park where ah? and we were like *faint* everyone will see and think that finger aint interested. but he is wor!!! u see, minger asked me if i wanted to go watch button and i told her i got the dvd alre, dun want, but i wanna watch valkyrie. and she has alre booked the tix. so anyway, i cant also la. coz small cow and i going for a owner-pet date tonite (shaz, dont misunderstand ah). and finger says he wants to go watch with her ALONE. i asked her and she went... er...erm.... WHY?? coz he is interested la, duh! *faint* sometimes minger, one of the smartest person i know, can be so damn fucking stupid, no? :P oh oh oh... i forgotten to say something... so after that nite, i called her la... asking her if finger wants to call her can or not? and she went: and? both of us keep quiet issit?? and i burst into laughter... coz Mr. S and i got imagine before la.... if they really did end up together and get married, the neighbours will call the police thinking that they are dead inside coz no sound coming out from their house :P

- work - question to all, if you were me, would you leave your current job which you hate, for a 6 months contract job that pays you extra 2k? knowing that the job market is really bad now? i m seriously thinking about it... :(

- love - i m in the situation where i m not sure if he is interested or not (i didnt say i aint stupid also mah.... *refering to minger's paragraph*) but i m playing it by ears la.. if jadi, jadi, if not, life goes on :D i still have my good friends around me :D

- small cow - she is still as cute and blur as ever. hahahahahahahahahahahah....... i m already planning her wedding invitation card and wedding slide should she decided to ever get married :P some more i can get the props easily :D

that's it for the updates for now... gotta get back to work... tonnes piling :P

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