Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Honeymoon with Small Cow...

... this is like a redundant post since small cow has alre post it up liao... :P

it all started on a sunny sunday afternoon when 2 cows woke up feeling hungry. big cow was craving for some simple sushi and we started to roll in small cow's room (also known as big cow's walk in closet) discussing which sushi king to go to.... after rolling for about 30 minutes and another 30 minutes spent getting ready to go out, we decided to hit the road..... only that we werent that sure where to go yet.... so we went to 1u. big cow didnt believe small cow when she told her that there is a sushi king in 1u (what to do... i seldom go old wing mah...) but being the fickle minded big cow i am, we ended up in B.B.Q Plaza..... pix ahead....

yes, that was a piece of pork lard on top of that bbq plate :P

yes.... it's mostly meat.... what a carnivores we were! :D

Some potato + prawn thingie

side order of scallops - not nice one.... :(

asparagus wrapped with bacon - i dont really fancy (not really a big fan of processed meat)

erm.. food (cant think of any descriptions..:P

anyway, after having this, we were so damn fucking full, so we ended up at MPH reading. i bought The Graveyard Book coz my brother is Neil Gaiman's biggest fan and whatever my brother like is most likely good (yes, sadly i still think highly of my brother - like a little sister would) :)

After a few hours of hanging out at MPH, we decided to hit the shops.... small cow bought a top, i saw a few tops that i like, but alas! no budget :) end of this month la :D after that, we sort of stumbled into our Honeymoon ;-) and it was damn sweet :P

nah... this is our Honeymoon - welp, technically speaking, it's not ours la... :P but u get the pix :P

Menu... erm... small cow likes the menu punya design a lot :)

wokie, i sux at editing pic... anyway, here's what i had, Crystal Pearl Mango or something like that... basically it's Sago like (i think it's Sago la) crystal, with Mango slices, Mango puree and fresh cream (i think it's cream la... coz doesnt taste like santan) priced at RM9+

this is what small cow had. My Honeymoon Special or something like that. basically it's mixed fruits of watermelon, rock melon, honey dew, banana, mango, nata de coco, almond jelly, crystal pearl topped with mango puree and fresh cream. erm... for the price of RM17+, i dont think it's that worth it :P

Next, we headed to Sri Petaling for 'kai wo pau' which according to Pseudo Sugar Daddy (PSD) it's damn fucking fantastic. So we went... and got lost a bit :P and went round and round the area until we decided to heck care, stop at any dim sum place and makan only la.... see see, we ended up at the original place *w00ts*! :D

the famous kai wo pau... basically it's something like loh mai kai stuffed in a pau... it's damn fucking juicy and fantastic wei! :D But for the price of RM4.80 at the size of slightly smaller than Big Pau, i dont think it's that worth it. Also, since i am not a fan of Salted Egg York, it sort of make me deduct points :D

Okayla... dun wanna blog so much liao.. i think i spent too much time here...... :P this coming weekend might be in Genting, see if i got more pix or not la :D