Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Witty? *MooF*

i was at bigcow's place staying over. and when i was still sleeping, she came in and woke me up and talked about what to buy and what to cook. then, there's 2 parts of the conversation really pissed Bigcow off.

Bigcow : i feel like touching the can of longan la.
Smallcow : ouh... touch la. u know... just touch only...
Bigcow : -_-" you just woke up, how can u be so witty? u're suppose to be sleepy!

then, i was rolling on the bed where i helped bigcow changed the bed sheet which is in green and pillow cases which is in sky blue.

Bigcow : eh. this bed sheet suits u leh. its green. it's like having a cow rolling on the grass.
*holds the pillow up*
Smallcow : so the pillow shall be the sky!!
*then puts pillow down*
Smallcow : or water for me to drink!
Bigcow : -_-"

i love Bigcow! i know Bigcow loves me too... :D

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