Thursday, January 8, 2009

snippets of conversation with small cow

was at small cow's place last nite to eat her ah ma's yummilicious mee hoon kueh :P so we were talking and i was telling her about an acquaintance's husband:

Big Cow: ...anyway... he is an MCP...
Small Cow (interrupted me): Ma Ci Pet???
Big Cow: .......
Small Cow: *giggling*
Big Cow: =.="
Small Cow: *giggling more*
Big Cow:..........
Small Cow: *started to laugh loudly* what is MCP? *giggles*
Big Cow: -_-"
Small Cow: *giggles more*
Big Cow: *laughing* Male Chauvanistic Pig aka 'ta nan ren'
Small Cow: oh... Ma Ci Pet la!
Big Cow & Small Cow: *burst into laughter*

*for those uninformed, ma ci pet is actually mother's pussy (yes, a swear word :P)

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