Monday, January 5, 2009

recipe or some sort...

small cow came over to stay and i cooked something so damn fucking fantastic that i was amazed by how good it was and i kept on praising myself :P, it's a very simple ikan bilis dish, but, my god! it was damn yummy wei! here's the recipe:

1 handful of ikan bilis
2 potatoes
1 big onion (if possible get the red ones)
1 bunch of cili padi
1 tablespoon of sugar
3 tablespoons of soy sauce

1. soak ikan bilis for about 15-30mins, cut potatoes into tiny strips, cut big onions into thin slices, and cut cili padi into small pieces (like the same size u get when u go out makan tai chow/bkt)
2. deep fry potatoes until crispy and drained
3. deep fry ikan bilis until crispy and drained
4. discard most of the oil and leave some for frying onion and cili padi. add both ikan bilis and potatoes into the wok after onion become... erm... slightly golden.
5. add sugar and soy sauce, mix evenly.

simple hor? my next attempt will be crab meat fried rice ala popo's style :D i remember when i was young and staying at my popo's place during the weekend, popo will always whip up some yummilicious food for us (my cousins and i). Yesterday, whilst waiting for LM to come back from facial, i was suddenly craving for popo's crabmeat fried rice but i totally forgotten how to cook liao... (i've stopped cooking for sometime and i guess rusty alre) so i called popo for the recipe (but i ended up didnt cook at all - will do so once i am free):

overnight rice
eggs (beaten)
canned crabmeat (so far only saw Carrefour has them)
canned jagung (kennel) / frozen mixed veg / diced long beans
big onions (diced)
soy sauce
oyster sauce

* note, not giving the quantity of each items coz this one basically follow 'agak-ration' one...

1. fried eggs and scramble them in high speed, once 90% cooked, set aside
2. fried onion until golden, add crab meat and mix well
3. add rice, cooked eggs and canned jagung into wok with the onions and crabmeat mixture. fry fry fry, add soy sauce, pepper and oyster sauce, mix mix mix, once see rice started to dance around the wok, fried rice is ready :D

simple right? i also think so... but i dunno my 'agak-ration' skill still there or not. see how it goes la :D

i remember when we were much younger, popo / kuku, will mix this huge pot of rice+butter+bovril and us kids will take turn to be fed by them whilst we play around the garden. i dont quite remember the taste of it, but according to my cousins who still remembers, they told me it's damn fucking delicious, maybe i should try that sometime, eh? :D

yes, i m in the cooking phase of my life again. wonder how long will this last? :D