Monday, January 12, 2009

guys' pms is worst than women! he has been pms-ing for god knows how long, i m beginning to suspect that he could be actually fuckstrated. he needs a pussy! or maybe an asshole... the other day we were talking about porn and he was telling me he loves those dasyat porn like pee-ing and shitting... i almost vomitted....

anyway, today i had this weird conversation with Finger (no, he is not the pms one)

Big Cow: damn sien!!
Finger: nothing to do? come, lemme give you some work
Big Cow: i m sien not because nothing to do, i m sien because i m sien of my work!
Finger: like that also can?
Big Cow: i sien until wanna jump down from the building and kill myself
Finger: *burst into laughter* you are so funny!!!!
Big Cow: =.="

* sien = bored
** suicidal thoughts are funny??

omg... i seriously need to get out from this place....

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