Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and they.....

.... survived! :D gonna cook more stuffs soon.... :P

anyway, i think i m either getting old or i m falling sick BEFORE chinese new year (that's a 1st for me, usually i fall sick DURING chinese new year one le :P) coz by 9.30pm last nite, i was so damn tired that i almost fell asleep in the living room :P

so anyway, i delegated Small Cow to beat the eggs and the way she beat was like poke poke here and poke poke there...

Big Cow: Don't worry, the eggs won't feel pain one...
Small Cow: ........
Big Cow: *big cheesy grin*
Small Cow: i wish to poke you with this fork you know?
Big Cow: *grins more*

so i banished her from the kitchen after the egg scene. after scrambling the eggs and removed it from the wok, i asked small cow to come and mash the eggs up further with the fork....

LM: Don't worry, the eggs won't feel pain one....
Small Cow: ........
Small Cow: Jessi (that's me, the Big Cow)! i really wish to poke you 2!!
Big Cow: (didnt hear the conversation coz busy cooking) har? what?
Small Cow: LM said the same thing as you!
Big Cow: what?
Small Cow: that the eggs wont feel pain
Big Cow: *huge grins*

conclusion, Small Cow, really one, eggs wont feel the pain one... :P used more force la :P


Mr Hubba
, the proposition is not a joke, thank you very much =.="


oh, i know i mentioned before that i m pretty obsessed with the book, The End of Mr. Y, coz i really really wanna try out if i can really enter Troposphere – a place where all consciousness is connected, and you can surf other people’s thoughts. i know this sound ridiculous, but what if it really works? if it doesnt, then too bad lor, at least i tried mah.... so now, the thing is, i need to get carbo vegetabilis and holy water. then i gotta follow as instructed in the book and then lie back and enjoy the journey (sound a bit trippy like bongging on weed and shrooms :P) and i know damn well ifer will be as rakus as i am... :D but the problem is, it's hard to get carbo vegetabilis over here... coz there are not many homeopathy practitioner here in m'sia :(

gotta go now... work beckons. hopefully i got more time to write about stuffs la....


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  2. wtf-ness...

    at least i manage to beat the egg and mashed the egg for u isnt it? *pouts* not gonna offer any help anymore!

  3. M-Tequila said...
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    January 14, 2009 11:06 AM

    :O what did u write, small cow?? :P

    anyway, yes, you did managed to do it - slower :P

    *me run for cover*

  4. Did you ever try the carbo veg and holy water?

    1. Unfortunately no, coz it is very hard to find these here in this part of the world! Did you try? 😱